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Things to Know Before Showing up to Yoga Class

Ready to sign up for yoga classes? Here are some tips for preparing:

- Find a quality teacher who cares about your growth & concerns.

- Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move (and maybe sweat) in.

- Use a clean non-slip mat. (If you don't have one, your teacher will probably have one for you to use, just ask!)

- Know that you can modify anything that does not serve you. A good teacher should remind you of that throughout your practice!

- Show up as yourself, begin where you are, and avoid making comparisons.

- Set an intention before each practice of what it is you need (calmness, strength, love, etc.)

- Above all, allow yourself to take breaks when you need to and enjoy your practice!

Book a class or session with Mesa.

Yoga can help relieve stress

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