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How to choose the Yoga type that’s right for you

There are many types of yoga that we can do for all experience levels.

Hatha Yoga “Slow Yoga”: Hatha is a slower-paced practice that focuses on breathing and basic poses. It is also where most modern yoga is derived from and is a wonderful practice for beginners.

Vinyasa Yoga “Flow Yoga”: Vinyasa links movement and breath as one. There is a lot of variety and flow in Vinyasa, so if you’re hoping to sweat this style is for you!

Yin Yoga “Relax Yoga”: Yin is a meditative practice that focuses on passive postures and works deep into connective tissues - releasing stress, tension, and energetic blockages. If you are looking to slow down your mind, recover from intense exercise, or decompress after a long week, try yin yoga! Forget sweating, think about deep relaxation and restoration.

Get started with any of these sessions now!

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